Pearland ClearCorrect

Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

ClearCorrect in Pearland

Many patients want a straight smile, but don’t want to go through a highly visible treatment with traditional metal braces. If you have crooked or gapped teeth, ClearCorrect makes it possible to straighten your smile without metal and rubber-bands! ClearCorrect resolves minor-to-moderate orthodontic issues with a virtually invisible treatment. Contact our office today to see if this revolutionary option is right for you!

How It Works

The ClearCorrect Process

ClearCorrect uses a system of clear, plastic aligners to gently apply pressure to your teeth and shift them into proper position. After taking detailed images and scans of your mouth, Dr. Doan will work with ClearCorrect to develop your customized treatment plan. ClearCorrect will send us your custom aligners, and you will wear each set for 20-22 hours per day. Every two weeks, you’ll switch out your aligners until your treatment plan is complete. Typically, 20-24 sets of aligners are required for optimal results, which makes the total treatment time about a year on average.

A Revolutionary Treatment Option

The Benefits of ClearCorrect

  • ClearCorrect aligners are virtually invisible when worn, and they will not affect your speech or appearance.
  • The aligners are removable, which means that there are no dietary restrictions during your treatment.
  • ClearCorrect is comfortable, and your teeth will be moved with gentle, even pressure.
  • The entire process usually takes less than a year, making it a more efficient option than other orthodontic treatments.

Is ClearCorrect Right for Me?

Candidates For Treatment

ClearCorrect is typically only recommended for patients who have minor-to-moderate orthodontic issues. Small gaps, slightly crooked teeth, and other minor orthodontic issues can be treated with ClearCorrect aligners, but more serious orthodontic problems may require traditional metal braces. Not sure if you’re a candidate for ClearCorrect? Schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Doan today!

Get a Straight, Beautiful Smile